Salon & Field Time Clock Policy

All associates must report all hours worked. Accordingly, you must follow the following time clock requirements:

  1. You must clock in as soon as you report for your shift at the beginning of your work day.
  2. You must clock out at the end of your scheduled shift only after you have completed all sanitation chores, closing functions, or other duties as assigned by the Salon Manager. There should be no clocking out before this time.
  3. You must clock in for attendance at all staff meetings and education or training seminars sponsored by Regis.
  4. You must remain clocked in for all short breaks of 15 minutes or less.
  5. You must clock in for all overtime hours. However, you may not work overtime unless you have received prior approval from your Salon Manager or District Leader / Senior District Leader.
  6. The only time you should clock out during the course of your regular shift is for a meal period of at least 30 minutes in length during which you are completely relieved from performing any duties, or if you leave the salon for an extended period. If you have any duties during these times, you must remain clocked in for this period.
  7. No associate shall perform any salon duties if not clocked in.
  8. No associate shall edit time or make time clock entries for another, unless that associate is the Salon Manager or the other designated time clock editor.

These rules are required by law. There can be no exceptions to these procedures. Any violation of time clock rules may result in discipline up to and including immediate termination of employment.

Your Salon Manager, District Leader / Senior District Leader and Regional Director do not have the authority to alter these time clock rules. Any concerns or violations of these rules or the application of these policies should be reported to your Regional Director or Regional Human Resources Manager at 1 (888) 888-7778.

Salon Support Time Clock Policy

Consult your Manager or the Legal department for Time Clock Policy information.